Our current Menu

Salats and Starters

Lamb's lettuce with sour cream dressing,

roasted walnuts, crispy bacon cubes and croutons*

6,80 €

Graved lachs with rösti

and honey-mustard-dill sauce

14,50 €

Fresh garden lettuce with herbal vinaigrette, honey melted goat-cheese,

plums baked in bacon, french bread and butter


main course


10,80 €

14,80 €


Clear beef broth with liver dumplings and vegetable strips

5,80 €

VEGAN - Cream of pumpkin soup with seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds

6,20 €

Tomato soup

topped with fresh basil and sour cream

5,80 €

Wolfgangs - Gulash style soup of deer  

 One soup ladle and one slice of bread

 Two soup ladle and two slices of bread


6,50 €

10,50 €

Main Courses

Risotto of Hokkaido pumpkin with Riesling, seed oil, 

roasted pumpkin slices and cherry tomatoes (also vegan, without parmesan)     

14,50 €

Braised cabbage roulade of wild boar with bacon sauce

     and homemade mashed potatoes

17,80 €

VEGAN - Roasted cauliflower on chickpea and spinach ragout, refined with lime,

     coriander and tomatoe, served with potato wedges and aioli dip

14,80 €

Dumplings from spinach and bread in a creamy sauce

with parmesan cheese and mixed leaf salad with sour cream dressing

13,50 €

Medallions of deer loin with pepper-cherry sauce,

brussels sprouts and knöpfli

25,80 €

Ragout of deer with rosted mushroom,

bread dumpling and lingonberry sauce

18,80 €

Sirloin-steak (250 g) grilled to your liking with pepper cream sauce or herb butter,       

roasted potatoes and mixed salad

23,80 €

Pork-scallop hunter´s style

with french fries and mixed salad

15,50 €

Pikeperch fillet fried on the skin side with lemon sauce, strips of root vegetables,

linguine and mixed salad

21,80 €


Platter with homade sausages, ham and cheese, bread and butter

12,80 €


Caramelized chestnut cream

with cinnamon blackberries and baked apple ice cream

6,80 €

Baked apple rings refined with cinnamon and sugar,                                                  

served with a warm vanilla sauce

6,80 €

Coffee in a different way

One scoop of vanilla ice-cream with espresso coffee


It still tastes good

Three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with warm raspberries

6,80 €