Beautiful Knuell

Right outside our front door, you’ll find one of the most beautiful low mountain landscapes in Germany: the Knuell Mountains. The A7 autobahn takes you right into this idyllic landscape. From the exit, it is only seven kilometres to our hotel. You can neither hear nor see anything from the autobahn. There’s a small mountain ridge between us and the autobahn as though made to order.

Prime hiking trails

In a place with prime hiking trails, a little walk can feel like bathing in nature. In the evening, the deer, rabbits and foxes emerge from the undergrowth and greet the sheep grazing in the meadow. If you want to recharge your batteries and breathe deeply, visiting us is a good decision.

Leaves, light and colour

Leaves and trees are our theme which is reflected by our interior design. Everywhere you’ll find small moments that remind you of our surroundings. Here we have made sure that the light and colours create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tranquillity.

In harmony with nature

We don’t need an eco-seal or an organic seal. It’s a given for us to run the hotel as environmentally friendly as possible without our guests lacking anything or having to forgo comforts. In 2011, we renovated a large part of the hotel and emphasised sustainable and ecological building.