Small menu 2024

Salads and Starters

Salad with honey melted goat-cheese and plums baked in bacon, G *  

       main course


12,50 €

17,80 €

Mixed salad plate with sour cream dressing, VG + G  or vinaigrette dressing, V + G

5,00 €


Cream soup of fresh chanterelles, V + G 
6,80 €
Tomato soup topped with fresh basil, VG + G 6,20 €

Wolfgangs - Gulash style soup of deer, G *      

 one soup ladle and one slice of bread*                                           
 two soup ladle and two slices of bread*  

9,20 €

15,00 €

Main Courses

„Chili sin carne“, V + G *

Chili with carrots, celery, kidney beans, leek, pepper and garlic, served with sour cream 

 one soup ladle and one slice of bread*                                    
 two soup ladle and two slices of bread*

9,00 €

14,50 €

Dumplings from nettle and bread in a creamy sauce with parmesan cheese, V

in a creamy sauce with parmesan cheese

14,50 €

„Strammer Max“, G *
Open sandwich* with ham and 3 fried eggs

11,50 €

Portion "Ahle Worscht" (160 g) Stracke und Rundee, G *
Regional air dried sausage with bread* and butter

12,80 €

"Hessian green sauce" with organic eggs from "zwei-höfe-glück" Niederbeisheim and boiled potatoes, VG + G

14,00 €

„Vesperteller“ mit Käse vom Kellerwaldhof, G *   

Platter with homade sausages, ham and cheese       

15,50 €

„Eder Forelle“ frisch aus dem Rauch – Fischzucht Rameil, G *
Half smoked trout with toast*

11,50 €


One scoop of vanilla ice-cream with espresso coffee, VG + G

5,20 €

Chocolate trifle, V

with chocolate sponge cake, fresh berries and yogurt 

7,80 €

It still tastes good, VG + G
Three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with warm raspberries

7,50 €

We offer home-baked cakes and various ice cream specialties.

V – vegan   VG – vegetarian  G – glutenfree

* Please order gluten-free bread separately

Please ask our service staff about allergens and additives.

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