Current menu 2024

Salads and Starters

Home pickkled salmon trout, G

with two fried potato pancake, mustard dill sauce and sour creme

14,80 €

Salad with honey melted goat-cheese and plums baked in bacon, G *

       main course

12,50 €

17,80 €

Wild herb salad with roasted chanterelles, balsamic dressing, V + G *

pine nuts and focaccia*


17,80 €


Cream soup of fresh chanterelles, V + G 

6,80 €

Cold Andalusian vegetable soup with tomato, V + G*

yellow bell pepper, cucumber, garlic, red onion and an olive crostini*

7,80 €
Tomato soup topped with fresh basil VG + G 6,20 €

Wolfgangs - Gulash style soup of game, G*

 one soup ladle and one slice of bread*                                          
 two soup ladle and two slices of bread*    

9,20 €

15,00 €

Main Courses

Dumplings from nettle and bread, VG

in a creamy sauce with parmesan cheese                       

14,50 €

Fresh chanterelles in cream with bread dumplings, V

16,80 €

Homemade Mediterranean ravioli with vegetable and herb filling, V
in sautéed spinach with black olives, dried tomatoes and pine nuts

18,50 €

Grilled chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach,
served with thyme jus refined with olives and basil gnocchi

22,50 €

“Hessian green sauce“ with organic eggs, VG +G
from “zwei-höfe-glück“ Niederbeisheim and boiled potatoes

14,00 €

Ragout of deer with rosted mushroom, roasted dumpling and lingonberry sauce 

24,00 €

Grilled Camembert marinated with garlic and thyme, VG + G*
on oven vegetables, served with a crostini*

15,50 €

Homemade meatloaf  

with onionsauce and roasted potatoes           

additionally an organic fried egg                  

18,50 €

2,00 €

Fried fillet of Edertal salmon trout, G

with Noilly Prat sauce, almond and celeriac potato mash


24,50 €

Pork-scallop hunter´s style, french fries

17,50 €

Sirloin steak of argentinian beef, G
grilled according to your wish, with pepper cream sauce or herb butter, fried potatoes

Steak 200 g

Steak 300 g

27,00 €

35,00 €

You can order an optional accompaniment to all main courses:

Mixed grilled vegetables with provincial herbs, V+G

5,50 €

Mixed salad plate with sour cream dressing, VG + G 

or vinaigrette dressing, V + G

5,00 €


One scoop of vanilla ice-cream with espresso coffee, VG + G

5,20 €

Homemade rhubarb ice cream, V + G
fresh strawberries refined with mint

7,80 €

Chocolate trifle with chocolate sponge cake, fresh berries and yogurt, V + G

7,80 €

It still tastes good, VG + G
Three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with warm rasberries

7,80 €

Four assorted cheese, VG + G *

11,80 €

V – vegan   VG – vegetarian  G – glutenfree

* Please order gluten-free bread separately

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